Here are a few of my favorite sites. If you get a chance, check them out!

Jeff Cranfill Music - Jeff Cranfill is a talented arranger with a knack for writing charts that make the average church orchestra sound super. He has many great orchestrations available. A listing of titles and instrumentation is available at his site. He also has a good number of titles available from other publishers as well, and a listing of these charts can be found on his site also.

Anderkamp Music - Jeff Anderson is another talented arranger. Anderkamp Music publishes different kinds of instrumental features, from brass quintet arrangements written for the average "weekend warrior" who plays in church to solo charts for 1 melody instrument and piano/rhythm. Jericho Horns - 1, 2 and Christmas are 3 great collections of hymns arranged in a swing style. Fun, fun, fun! The latest project from Jeff is Horns And Rhythm, which is a collection of rhythm section driven charts that feature a small horn section. They're great!

Camp Kirkland Productions - Do we need to say anything else? Camp is the premier arranger/orchestrator in the church music world today.

PraiseCharts - PraiseCharts is one of the top online publishes of orchestrations for worship songs.

MakeMusic, Inc. (Finale) - MakeMusic, Inc. is the company who created and maintains "Finale" - the standard for music notation software. I've used Finale since October, 1988 - the first week it was released. It's one of the only programs I know of that continues to add useful features year after year. There are several versions/levels of the software. Check it out!

Christian Jazz Artists - David Arivett's site, is a great resource for Christian jazz music and musicians.  Many free samples (mp3) as well as a few jazz charts.  Great site!

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